Barclays to fund African health promotion post at Terrence Higgins Trust


Barclays has donated £33,314 to help tackle the lack of awareness about HIV transmission among African communities in the UK. The funding will support an African Health Promotion post at Terrence Higgins Trust over one year.

African communities in the UK are disproportionately affected by sexual ill-health and face the biggest increase in new HIV diagnoses. Almost 40% of new HIV diagnoses in London are among people from African communities. But despite being at much higher risk of HIV, there is a lack of services to meet the needs of African people.

Barclays’ funding will enable THT to provide health promotion training for key organisations working with African communities in the UK and will also enable a range of leaflets for African communities to be produced. These leaflets will cover topics including the facts about HIV transmission, PEP (post exposure prophylaxis – treatment that can prevent HIV infection if taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV through sex), and HIV testing services.

These leaflets will be distributed by Terrence Higgins Trust’s African Outreach Workers, who visit community hotspots including markets, barber shops and African community centres to spread the word about HIV, sexual health and local testing services.

Gerard McGuickin, Sector Development Manager for Terrence Higgins Trust said:
“We’re delighted that Barclays are providing funding to enable us to continue the development of interventions with African people. It will mean that we can step-up our work with African communities in the UK, who are among the most at-risk of contracting HIV.”

Rachael Barber, Head of Global Community Investment at Barclays said:
“HIV and Aids is a major crisis in Africa, and a rapidly growing problem among UK’s African communities. It’s also a crisis that thrives on ignorance, which is why education – effective and practical – is the surest way to combat the problem. We’re looking at making a real difference in this community.”


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