Blood Donation Deferral


This is in some ways a step forward but in others it is still discriminating against gay and bisexual men, why I hear you ask?

Well think about it, has the same deferral or ban ever been placed on women who have had sexual contact with bisexual or in the closet gay men? Surely the risk is just as high that a women could contract HIV via contact with a bisexual man who has had unprotected sex with another man.

Maybe I am totally ignorant or misunderstanding something here, but if the deferral is placed on gay and bisexual men then women who have had contact with closeted gay or bisexual men should also be put on deferral. Only problem is how are you going to know if your partner or lover has had unprotected sexual contact with a man unless they tell you?

Any blood that is donate is of course checked for all kinds of diseases and viruses before it is placed into the blood bank but surely if any woman who knows her partner has had sex with a man should refrain from donating blood just as gay and bisexual men have to.

To me it seems like a case of double standards, I understand the need to be careful when it comes to donating blood but what good is it dong allowing potentially infected women to donate while gay and bisexual men have to wait.