Editorial Policy

The Gay Directory aims to become the premier gay news outlet in the UK and beyond. It is therefore important for us to make clear our editorial policy and our responsibilities to both readers and those featured in the news that we report.


The Gay Directory is strictly non-political. We will however publish news items from any political party office that contain gay interest. We may write about pro-gay politicians in a nice tone, and homophobic ones in not such a nice tone. We are here to represent the gay view after all!
The Gay Directory will not endorse any political party. However, we may endorse individual candidates regardless of party based on their stance on gay rights issues.


The Gay Directory respects the rights and choices of people of all religions. We do not hold any bias in favour of any one particular religious group. Obviously groups who show intolerance towards the gay community as a whole may not find themselves represented as much as those who say promote harmony and understanding between our communities and cultures.

Right of Reply

We offer an unreserved right of reply to all persons referred to by name or office in our published news items. In the event that we have made an error, please notify us immediately and we will take remedial action.
If you think that an article breaches of one of the above policies you should contact the news editor in the first instance by using our site contact us.

Comments on articles are retrospectively moderated. If you believe that the information contained within the comments is inaccurate, you should contact The Gay Directory by using the site contact us with the relevant details relating to your complaint. The Gay Directory are only able to accept complaints via email. We will remove inappropriate or inaccurate comments as soon as possible and respond to you within 24 hours.

How do we decide which stories to cover?

We cover articles that we believe to be of interest to the worldwide gay audience. We will cover events and issues that are of interest to gay people and groups. Ultimately the decision of whether or not to run a story is at the discretion of our News Editor.