Elton John and his partner David Furnish have revealed the foundations behind their new venture onto Broadway with “Next Fall” was due to the tragic loss of Elton’s ex-partner to suicide.

Talking about the play to the Sunday Telegraph, Furnish said “It’s the right timing for this…The religious divide between Right and Left has gotten wider, and so the rights of gay people never got back to where it was heading.”

The ‘Your Song’ singer lost a previous boyfriend whilst they were dating, after his former boyfriend struggled to come to terms with his sexuality. These exact feelings urged Elton to discuss the issues surrounding homosexuality within his play.

He added in the interview with ‘The Telegraph, “Look, we all need love. We all have the same fears and insecurities. We should all be allowed to be free.”

Elton has recently found himself in trouble after he commented that Jesus was gay in a recent interview. Since the comments were made many were outraged and the singer recently received a death threat in response to the statement.

A man from Georgia, USA, was recently arrested after the comments he made on the video streaming site, YouTube. The man stated in a video:

“We’re here today to remind Elton John that he has to die. What Elton John has done is desecrated the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The man, who is known as Neal Horsely, 65, was also pictured outside the stars Atlanta apartment.


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