Enough is Enough Safe Schools Pack


I got an email with morning from The Gay & Lesbian Foundation, Enough is Enough is one of their campaigns.

It highlighted the problems faced by children in school, how they are bullied, tormented and even physical beaten for being who they are. At this point I’d like to say I’m shocked that in 2011 this sort of thing still happens but I’m not.

I was badly bullied at school right from a very young age, so much so I was removed from one school at the tender ago of 7 and put into a new one, a catholic one no less where the harassment and bullying continued. This wasn’t because I was open about being gay, as I’ve only recently come out I was a target for the bullies as my father had walked out and then because I was fearful of them and lacked any self confidence.

It sanded me to see that one young man Dominic Crouch took his life at the age of just 15 due to rumours that he was gay. No-one should have to face that level of torment in school, regardless of the reason it is wrong. I recently spoke to another young man whose father is gay and he is taunted by others at his school/college because of it. It really makes me wonder where the civil part of civilization applies here.

It’s not limited to school, colleges and universities though homophobia is ripe still, although steps are being made and it may appear that we are making progress its incidents like these that remind us we have a very long way to go until everyone is accepted for who they are regardless of who the love.