Gay Classic Car Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary


The GCCG started in informally in 1988 when a few classic car enthusiasts decided to go on a run from London to Brighton. Most of the founding members are still around today. During the 1990s the club grew steadily to a peak of around 150 members. With the advent of electronic communications though, membership has increased at a rate of 10% per year over the last five years.

The GCCG held nearly 40 events in the UK 2012. Various historic properties across the country were visited including Homewood in Surrey, Hughenden Manor and Broughton House in the Midlands. Several weekend long trips included a weekend in the Lake District, Easter weekend near Paris, and 10 days in northern Spain. And finally, to expand our repertoire, 40 members enjoyed a day out on a 1963 AEC double-decker bus.

Over in Wales a visit to the National botanic Gardens was enjoyed despite the weather. Way up in Scotland several members went along to a historic vehicle gathering. Twenty members attended both the Austin Morris day at Brooklands and the Ford national at Beaulieu. In the Midlands at the annual BMC and BL rally in Peterborough, we had a stand in the winners’ enclosure and displayed 33 cars. A first for the GCCG was the well attended classic-car-fix-it-session held in Essex.


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