Gay in the Media


I’ve recently read a number of letters in magazines and posts from other places posing the following question;

‘Why aren’t there gay/lesbian characters in TV advertising and so on?’

Good question in essence, yes it would be a wonderful thing if we got to see BT do a new ad with a gay or lesbian couple, but the problem I fear is that it will offend and upset too many people. Which is why it is not done, no major brand wants to upset potential customers and therefore they won’t make that move. Ah but yes another issues arises from this one, what about the LGBT community? We are potential customers too aren’t we?

Yes we are, sadly we are heavily outnumbered and therefore our opinions are not taken into consideration.

Although saying that Archie comics now have an openly gay character who is getting married and this is a step in the right direction. The co-chief executive has this to say about people who may be offend by the new character, ‘people who might be offended by a gay storyline “aren’t the kind of people we want reading our comics anyway”.

Yes there are gay and lesbian characters in soaps, but they are shows that you either watch or don’t. To help more people become comfortable with the LGBT community it needs to have a more prominent place in media advertising, that will help show they there is nothing wrong with same sex couples. This will help show viewers, especially the younger ones that it is normal rather. We don’t keep quiet about how awful eating disorders are do we? So why are we allowing the most influential medium to ignore us?