GMFA brings ‘Better Sex’ to London


If you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life, or just want to try something different, then GMFA’s latest booklet, ‘Better Sex for Gay Men’, is for you. GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, has gathered together some of the best advice from lots of gay men on what can make for great sex. The booklet includes plenty of sexy photographs throughout and also lots of tips on how to keep the sex you have safe.

GMFA will be launching the booklet with a blitz of the Soho gay scene on Saturday 14 August. To get your copy hot off the press, keep an eye out for the GMFA volunteers handing it out in bars throughout the evening. You can also pick up a free copy from the racks in bars, clubs and other gay venues across London, or download it from the GMFA website at

Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes at GMFA, says: “Good sex means different things to different people. Whether it’s sex with your boyfriend or husband, or sex with someone you’ve just met, it’s going to be better if you’re confident, in control and you know what you like and don’t like. This booklet is written by gay men for gay men, which is what we think makes it relevant and, we hope, appealing and useful to lots of men.”

The booklet covers lots of different areas of sex, including wanking, kissing, foreplay, blow jobs and F!#king. Advice ranges from how to give a massage, new ways to w**k yourself (and him) off, and how to give a great blow job, through to discussing safer sex, how to f**k, and good sex positions if it’s your first time getting f**ked. There are also sections to help you get to know your arse and your cock for better sex.

Matthew adds: “We know from the responses to our other campaigns and from traffic to our website that lots of gay men seek out information about sex. At GMFA, we don’t shy away from being frank and open about sex, and that includes talking honestly about sexual health risks. This includes giving gay men clear and accessible information on how to look after themselves and their partners when they have sex.”

‘Better Sex for Gay Men’ is funded by the Pan London HIV Prevention Programme. To download this and other HIV prevention resources for gay men, visit


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