GMFA brings ‘Hot Sex’ to London


Bareback sex in gay porn continues to be commonplace and its popularity shows no signs of waning. On the free porn site alone, six of the top 10 most viewed gay videos feature guys F!#king without condoms. But not all porn material depicts unsafe sex. GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, is launching ‘Hot Sex’, a booklet about condom use in the style of a hardcore gay porn magazine, packed full of sizzling hot, graphic images of safer sex.

The aim of the booklet is to put condom use across in an erotic way, and to provide helpful tips on safer sex. With page after page of explicit photos, donated by Hot House Entertainment, ‘Hot Sex’ will be available for free in bars and clubs across London from late August.

Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes at GMFA, says: “Porn is all about fantasy but there is a danger that bareback porn normalises sex without condoms, and presents a risk to the performers. ‘Hot Sex’ is unlike any recent HIV prevention resource. We think there’s a real need to make safer sex information and condom use sexy again, and so ‘Hot Sex’ is unashamedly sexually explicit.”

GMFA will be launching the booklet with a blitz of the Soho gay scene on 22 August. To get your copy hot off the press, keep an eye out for the GMFA volunteers in their ‘Hot Sex’ T-shirts handing it out in bars throughout the afternoon and evening. It will also be launched online on the same day at

Steven Scarborough, President at Hot House Entertainment, has been at the forefront of safer sex video productions, making the decision at an early stage to produce and direct condom-only movies. Steven adds: “We are proud to continue to produce condom-only gay adult videos. All of us at Hot House are thrilled to be able to supply GMFA with hot images of guys engaging in protected sex. This vital and important publication will help save lives through the education and promotion of safer sex practices.”

Studies have shown that sexually explicit material is highly acceptable to a wide range of gay men and is preferred to non-visual, non-explicit and technical communication when describing HIV risk between men.*

Matthew adds: “This is certainly not the kind of booklet you could show your mum. ‘Hot Sex’ has lots of useful information on condom use and plenty of eye-candy on offer, so we’re sure this will fly off the racks in venues across London.”


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