How gay-friendly is your MP?


Stonewall’s voting records on key equality votes

With the election called today for 6 May, Stonewall kick starts its campaign to encourage all supporters of equality to use their vote with brand new election materials at

Stonewall’s voting records will help voters decide how to cast their vote in four weeks’ time. All current MPs are included alongside their party and constituency in the easy-to-use research tool.

‘We know that lesbian, gay and bisexual people decide who to vote for based on a wide range of factors,’ said Derek Munn, Stonewall’s Director of Public Affairs. ‘The economy, public spending and job losses are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But in the countdown to 6 May, we’ve launched a new campaign to encourage not just gay people but anyone who supports equality to use their vote – and to reflect on what the candidates in their area would do for gay equality if they got into Parliament.’

Each MP’s score is based on seven key votes on gay equality issues since the last election in 2005. They include anti-discrimination measures in the provision of goods, facilities or services, equal treatment for lesbian parents and robust protections against incitement to homophobic hatred.

Stonewall’s dedicated election web section uses expertise built up from over 20 years of lobbying. The searchable voting records are accompanied by a selection of suggested questions to put to candidates in the weeks ahead, as parties hit the doorsteps. To view all these features and more, visit