Journey Metropolitan Community Church


Name: Rev Stephen J Bentley MA FCA
OrganisationJourney Metropolitan Community Church

Tell us about your organisation?
We believe that any Church needs to be as different and special as the people who make it up. We emphasise things like fairtrade and environmentalism because we believe these are good things to do. We are currently in the process to be the second Church in Birmingham to be accredited with eco-congregation status.

We like to live in theological ambiguity. You won’t hear one way of viewing or seeing God. We believe God shows himself/herself to each of us in a slightly different way- and that that is a good thing. There is no “party line” in Journey…. only broad areas of agreement. These areas of agreement are ………

1. We have found an approach to Spirituality that works for us within accounts of the ministry of Jesus. We want to take those accounts and make them real and relevant in our lives.

2. We recognize that others have different traditions and paths that are equally valid and should also be honoured as paths to God. We believe we do not have the right to impose our beliefs on others in the mistaken belief that it will make them more acceptable to God or ourselves.

3. We invite all people to participate in our community and worship life without insisting that they become like us. We welcome all people including: believers and those who are not sure what they believe, conventional Christians and spiritual searchers, women and men, all sexual orientations and gender identities, all races and cultures and those of differing physical and learning abilities.

4. We know the way we behave toward one another and toward other people is the real proof of what we believe.

5. We think it is a good thing to question and to make up our own minds about our own faith. It is only through struggling with faith that we can be really sure what we believe.

6. We believe Churches should be addressing real life issues locally, nationally and internationally. The Church should be the voice of conscience in the world and not just part of the status quo.

7. That all people are called to their own spiritual paths. These paths help us all to find relevance and meaning as we journey together side by side.

What have been your greatest successes?
An inclusive LGBTQQI and friends group.
Some are Christian, Spiritual, Atheists, Muslim, Agnotic etc
We run a successful LGBT Asylum Seekers Group


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