Launch Of First Lgbt Market Research Study In Turkey


The world’s largest global research study into the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people has just launched in another country – and it is one you might not expect – Turkey.

The research project – known as LGBT2020 – has today added Turkey to the more than 20 countries where it measures a diverse range of aspects of the lives of LGBT people.

The addition of Turkey is part of the study’s growing reach across the globe.

“It was really important to include Turkey in the Out Now Global
LGBT2020 Study,” said Ian Johnson, Founder and CEO of Out Now. “This is a country where our estimates indicate that more than 3 million people are lesbian or gay, and yet very little is known about their lives. What levels of discrimination do LGBT people face in Turkey?
How many feel able to be open about their sexuality to come out at work, or with their family members or with their friends? How many of these people are in relationships? What kinds of leisure and lifestyle factors apply in metrics from the LGBT community in Turkey?
These – and many other questions – are ones we hope to answer in this new LGBT2020 research in Turkey.”

The LGBT2020 Study is a deliberately groundbreaking research project that is devised and implemented by the world’s leading LGBT marketing organization – Out Now Global.

Now underway in twelve languages and covering countries where more than a third of the world’s population lives, the LGBT2020 Study is the most extensive market research study ever on LGBT issues. The project commenced in 2009 and now reaches across the globe.

In Turkey the study is working with local partners Communiwit – a marketing firm that helps companies to understand market niches.

“We are pleased to take part in such an important research project”, said Burcu Türkmen Eryılmaz, Founder and CEO of CommuniWit.

“We are very excited to be a part of the biggest research ever made on LGBT matters,” Eryılmaz said. “It will help us to understand the true position of the LGBT community in Turkey, as measured by social issues as well as their actual contribution to the Turkish economy.
The voice of the LGBT community is not heard enough in our country, and we hope that they will become more recognized as a result of this
LGBT2020 research.”

Johnson said he was aware that this new study in Turkey was reaching into a demographically diverse group of LGBT people: “Out Now undertakes this kind of work in many markets around the world, including Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. Along with our sample currently underway in Israel, our goal with the LGBT2020 project is to provide a global benchmark reference for government, non-government organisations, companies, media, and others – to better understand the needs of one of the least understood, and most misrepresented, groups in the region. With the new findings from the
LGBT2020 study in Turkey we are looking forward to making sure that the needs of LGBT people start to be considered by a broad range of stakeholders in society.”

“Out Now consistently strives to make sure that the needs of LGBT people, no matter where they live, become better understood – and met – by those organizations that serve them,” Johnson added. “We think it may be quite a challenge to reach gay people in Turkey but we are looking forward to doing so”.