LGBT History Month announces trans patron


LGBT History Month today announced a new patron, trans activist Christine Burns.

A former Tory branch secretary, Christine achieved great success campaigning with trans lobby group Press For Change. She worked closely with the government in drafting the Gender Recognition Act.

She is a prolific writer, whose articles have enlightened a wide range of readers about the issues trans people face.

She earned herself a page in the history books when she received an MBE in 2004, for her services to the trans community.

She now produces the Just Plain Sense podcast, which currently contains an exclusive interview with Big Brother’s Nadia Almada. She chaired last year’s National LGBT Health Summit.

Co-chair Tony Fenwick said:

“We’re honoured to have Christine’s support.

“Despite recent advances, trans people are still largely invisible. The education system denies them an existence and the health system medicalises their condition. Yet throughout history, every society has included people who don’t fit gender expectations.

“LGBT History Month has always celebrated the lives and contributions of trans people. We hope to work with Christine to highlight the common ground Trans and LGB people share, and to educate people about the important differences.

“These are exciting times and I look forward to activists like Christine making lots more history over the coming years!”

Christine commented:

“May I say straight away how incredibly honoured I feel to receive this invitation. I’m not exaggerating when I place it up there on a par with the letter from the Palace inviting me to accept my MBE.”


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