LGBT Lib Dems Welcome Equal Civil Marriage


Leading LGBT Liberal Democrats today welcomed the confirmation that same-sex marriage will be going ahead, following an announcement at the Liberal Democrat conference today by Lib Dem MP and Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone.

Chair of LGBT Liberal Democrats, Adrian Trett, said “It is good to hear that following some excellent work by Lynne Featherstone, same-sex marriage will finally be going ahead.”

“Clearly, we are disappointed that the Conservative party has delayed this and watered it down. If Cameron is serious about ending discrimination, I would hope that he speaks out for full equality. Access to religious same-sex marriage is missing, and there is no mention of mixed-sex civil parnerships, nor of ending the forced divorce of Transgender people who wish to gain full legal recognition.”

“Several Quakers spoke in favour of allowing religious same-sex marriage during our debate at last years Liberal Democrat conference, in which full marriage equality became official party policy. Clearly this is something that is wanted by religious groups as well as the wider LGBT community.”