Jonathan Fryer, the Number 2 Liberal Democrat candidate for London in the forthcoming European elections, has launched a campaign to have same-sex partnerships mutually recognised by all the European Union countries that have them.

Launching his ‘Partners without Borders’ Campaign, Jonathan commented,
“many EU member states have laws recognising same-sex partnerships, but when a legally registered lesbian or gay couple from the UK goes elsewhere, for example, they cease to be recognised as partners. That is even the case if they go to a state which provides same-sex partnerships for their own citizens. This is grossly unjust”.

Earlier this year the European Parliament adopted a report recommending mutual recognition of same-sex partnerships, but Jonathan believes this now needs to be turned into law. He promises, “if elected as a London MEP on June 4th, I will lead on the matter until the European Parliament passes the necessary legislation”.

As part of the campaign, Jonathan has launched a petition at

“We need as many people as possible to sign up to the campaign”, he says.


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