“I am very pleased to support this campaign. For thousands of children in the EU who have parents of the same sex, crossing borders can mean the trauma and distress of one parent becoming ‘invisible’. Whilst many countries allow same sex couples to marry or enter into civil partnerships, they don’t necessarily recognise these families.”
“It represents massive inequality and discrimination for couples of the same sex to be deprived of recognition in all EU states of their legitimate legal rights as parents. This leads to the bizarre and unacceptable situation of one parent having no legal authority over their children when crossing to another EU country.”
“Whilst the EU is making significant progress on LGBT rights, the issue of free movement and legal inconsistencies in recognition of rights for same sex couples still requires significant attention, particularly when it compromises the rights of children. No parent wants to be faced with a situation where they are stripped of legal guardianship of their child; same-sex families and their children deserve to be fully recognised and protected.”


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