Birmingham LGBT Community Trust has been commissioned by Birmingham City Council to design a survey to find out what are the real issues and needs for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans and who live, work or socialise in Birmingham.

David Viney, Development Worker states, “This is a vitally important piece of research for the LGBT community, it’s the first time such a comprehensive survey has been attempted in Birmingham. The results will provide an in-depth evidence base on the needs of the community and ensure that service providers can adjust and create services to meet this need.”

The survey is confidential and takes about twenty minutes to complete. Respondents cannot be identified by it and we only ask for the first three digits of their post-code to find out which part of the city they live in.

The outcome of the survey will support Birmingham City Council when it is assessing services ensure the needs of the LGBT community in the city are met.

The survey can be taken on the following link.


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