New HIV Vaccine Trial Needs Volunteers Now!


Are you interested in doing your bit for HIV vaccine research? A new and exciting vaccine trial is beginning at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. The hospital’s Research Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are working with another hospital in Kenya to run an 18-month trial of a vaccine which could be effective in preventing HIV infection. Although it looks particularly at a vaccine against the strain of virus prevalent in many central and east African countries, it may well tell us how to protect people against any strain of the virus.

The trial urgently needs volunteers. If you’re aged between 18 and 60, are HIV negative, have not had an adverse reaction to a vaccine before and are at low risk of contracting HIV, you could help in the fight against the global HIV epidemic. Volunteers will be required to receive four injections and take blood tests over the 18-month period. The vaccine appears to be completely safe, and it is impossible for someone taking part in the trial to contract HIV from the vaccine.

For more information on the trial, or to volunteer, simply call 0800 358 1399.


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