With nominations from every Liberal Party branch in the UK from Devon to Peterborough, from Littlehampton to Liverpool, from Bedford to Inverclyde, Cllr Steve Radford takes over as Liberal Party President from Midnight tonight.

Steve Radford is nationally known as an avid supporter of No2ID, has spoken at Stop the War rallies alongside George Galloway and has been an active EU Critic speaking at Democracy Movement rallies and meetings.

More recently he joined the student protests in Liverpool against the rise in Tuition Fees and the abolition of Educational Maintenance Grants.

He has been a leading Liverpool Councillor for 30 years, defeating numerous Lib Dem smear campaigns, and was the city’s first openly gay councillor pushing through a civic register for lesbian and gay couples prior to national legislation.

He has already issued a national appeal to Lib Dems to resign and come home to the Liberal Party in light of the Tuition Fees U-turn and drastic cutbacks in Local Government spending for urban conurbations and the North.


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