Numbers growing for Croydon’s new gay youth group


Terrence Higgins Trust is looking for more lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) young people to join their newly launched LGB youth group, NRG Croydon.

NRG Croydon, which is aimed at young people aged 21 and under, is supported by Croydon Youth Service. It will provide a safe space for LGB young people to meet and share experiences as well as information on coming out, sexual health and referral to other youth services including education, careers and counselling.

The project also offers young people the chance to get involved with music, writing for magazines, art and many other activities.

LGB young people often have bad experiences in mainstream services because of homophobia and because the services are not set up to cater for their needs. People who attend our NRG groups have often been bullied at school, and may also face bullying if they attend their local youth group.

Joshua Bradley, NRG Youth Worker for Terrence Higgins Trust in Croydon said:

“There’s currently very little for lesbian or gay people in Croydon, so we’re really pleased to be launching NRG here. It’s so important that lesbian, gay and bisexual young people have somewhere they can meet people and just be themselves, without worrying about bullying and feeling different.”

Terrence Higgins Trust runs LGT youth groups throughout the UK from its regional offices in London, Brighton, Bristol, Swansea, Coventry and Oxford. For more information see

Young people interested in joining NRG Croydon, should contact Joshua Bradley on 07771 858 057.