People with HIV speak out in Sussex


With HIV infections still rising in the UK, the Sussex branch of Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is supporting and training a team of local men and women with HIV to speak to community organisations and the media.

The ‘People with HIV Speakers’ Bureau’ will support people with HIV to talk to selected business organisations, schools, community organisations and the media.

Their personal testimonies will help people to recognise the person behind the statistics and understand the reality of living with HIV instead of the scare stories.

In the face of continuing ignorance, fear and stigmatisation of HIV, it is hoped that meeting men and women with the virus will challenge discrimination.

The People with HIV Speakers’ Bureau will be coordinated by Terrence Higgins Trust South, but the individual speakers will not be promoting THT’s work and will instead be presenting their own personal experience.

A diverse range of men and women with HIV are currently being recruited and trained by THT South.


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