Pink Pounds spotted on the English Riviera


Businesses around the UK are always harping on about exploiting /harnessing the Pink Pound, but has anyone every actually held this mythical currency in the palm of their hand?

It would seem the answer is “yes” if you are one of the fortunate people who either live in or are visiting the South Devon resort of Torquay, where the English Riviera is rapidly gaining a new reputation as the Rainbow Riviera.

Pink Pounds have been introduced into the local economy, with gay venues across the Bay handing them out amongst people’s change. Stickers have been placed on thousands of one pound coins and have been circulating around the Bay and beyond.

The stickers are also promoting the inaugural Pride Torbay, which takes place between Thursday 16th July and Sunday 19th July in Britain’s premier seaside resort.

Matt Newbury, the organiser of Pride Torbay said: “We thought the stickers would be a little bit of cheeky fun to help promote the event, although it’s also going to be interesting to see where the coins are going to turn up.

“Will it show the diverse journey that the coins will take? Will it show the variety of places gay people spend their money? Or will people just peel the stickers off? Who knows, but it’s certainly got people talking about the coins and Pride Torbay.”

The Pink Pounds are just one of a series of dynamic and fun marketing initiatives being used by the Pride Torbay team to promote the festival over the coming weeks.

Matt Newbury said: “As a charity event we are obviously on a limited budget, so we have been trying to think of fun way to promote this fantastic new four day festival. We’ve also got a few more ideas up our sleeves to encourage people to come down and enjoy this pride even and the stunning natural environment of the Torbay.”

Highlights of Pride Torbay will include a boat trip, themed club nights, a pool party, a beach picnic with live musical entertainment, community stalls, an open-air cinema screening of Milk and a cabaret street party. Guest acts over the weekend include Bimbo Jones, Max Santana, Tina Cousins, Topping and Butch, Rogue Minogue and a whole host of other surprises. Visit Pride Torbay – Home Page for more information.