• Pride in London

    We are a community group that came together in the autumn of 2012 to find a way to deliver a Pride that London deserves. From a vibrant, high-impact Parade through central London to a showcase in Trafalgar Square, entertainments and parties across London but also a series of cultural, sporting, Read more [...]

  • Reading Pride

    At Reading Pride, the aims of our charity are to promote equality and diversity, advance education and eliminate discrimination in relation to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people. We work for the benefit of the community in Reading and around the Thames Valley. The purpose of Reading Pride is to Read more [...]

  • Exeter Pride

    Our aim is to improve the visibility of LGBT people in Exeter and provide them, their families, friends and supporters with an opportunity to socialise and build strong networks. The wide range of events and entertainment on offer promote inclusivity, self-confidence and a sense of community in a supportive environment. Read more [...]

  • Back Lot Bash

    Back Lot Bash is the hottest, most rockin’ and most attended outdoor women’s festival taking place every Pride Weekend in Chicago. Each day showcases a different mix of music and entertainment for the entire community. Mark your calendar, gather your friends and plan the trip as BACK LOT BASH is Read more [...]

  • Cornwall Pride

    What’s it all about? An annual chance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Cornwall, their friends and families to get together and celebrate diversity. We began in the current format in 2008 after a group of LGBT people decided to run a public open event for all to Read more [...]

  • York Pride

    York Pride raises awareness of LGBT issues by promoting and staging events, taking part in campaigning and commentary in the media, and providing support to other LGBT charities and voluntary organisations. We also promote the provision of information, advice and support that celebrate LGBT lives and history. We aim for Read more [...]

  • Pride Houston, Inc.

    For more than 39 years, Pride Houston has been a central part of the local LGBT community in Houston. It’s core mission is to strengthen equality and increase awareness around issues important to our community such as health, safety and marriage equality. Pride Houston celebrates the individuality and diversity of Read more [...]

  • Pride Sheffield

    Pride Sheffield is a not-for-profit organisation and is responsible for the planning, operation and implementation of the annual LGBT+ community pride event for Sheffield. Pride Sheffield is currently in its second year of operation after being established in 2015 and is managed by a volunteer management committee who are responsible Read more [...]