Putting the T first – New Trans Photo Exhibition in Brighton


On 10th May 2010 Jane Wrin will open a new Photo Exhibition, at the Brighton Media Centre, entitled ‘Putting the T first’. This is Brighton’s first photo exhibition focussing on the trans community.

Jane aims to raise awareness of the trans community; to show how many people’s pre-conceived ideas of transgender and transexuality is skewed by the hidden nature of many trans people and to reshape the way that people react to and think about the trans community.

Many, even those in the LGBT community not only put the T at the end, but they also discriminate and vilify them in a manner that gays and lesbians were treated no so long ago (and still are of course in many places). With a rise in Transphobia in 2009, this exhibition will form just one part of a movement towards change.

Jane is looking for models. If you identify as trans please email her for a chat. Shooting must end by 17th April and will take place during weekends in a central Brighton location, unless a group can be gathered for a specific location outside of Brighton.