Terrence Higgins Trust launches fast HIV testing service in Cardiff


Following World AIDS Day, Terrence Higgins Trust is announcing Fastest, a new HIV testing service for Cardiff to launch on Tuesday 5 December. The new service will provide a free HIV test and results within an hour at the charity’s offices in Cardiff.

The ‘Fastest’ service is a partnership with the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust and is funded by the Welsh Assemberly Government Sexual Health Modernisation Fund. It will provide an alternative testing environment for people who are not able to access services during the normal working day, or who may be put off by hospitals and traditional sexual health clinics. Sexual health clinics usually offer tests during working hours and can take several days to give results.

Pre and post test counselling and support will be offered to those attending and anyone who tests positive will be given full support in choosing a treatment centre. They will also be given information on the range of support services provided by Terrence Higgins Trust and other local services including counselling, information, advice and peer support.

Robjohn, National Manager for Terrence Higgins Trust Cymru said “It’s fantastic news that we’re opening Fastest in Cardiff. There is strong evidence that some people come forward for testing very late, sometimes when they are already ill. We hope that by making it easier to have an HIV test, more people will come forward.”

The ‘Fastest’ clinic will take place every Tuesday from 6-8pm at the Terrence Higgins Trust Office in Cardiff
Canton House
435-451 Cowbridge Road East
02920 666 465 or THT Direct on 0845 12 21 200.


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