Terrence Higgins Trust launches website to meet growing health needs of young gay men


The Gay Men’s Sex Survey commissioned by Terrence Higgins Trust has shown that a third of young gay men do not know the most basic facts about STIs and their transmission.

www.ygm.org.uk has been developed by Terrence Higgins Trust in conjunction with health projects, youth groups and young gay men in response to the continuing evidence that young gay men’s health needs are not being met through the sex education and health systems.

The website contains information and advice on coming out, HIV and sexual health, drugs, alcohol, assertiveness and many other issues relevant to young gay men and men questioning their sexuality. Further development of the site will include an area to support anyone working with young gay men including good practice guidelines, training tools and message boards to increase youth and health worker’s access to information, training and support.

Phillip Wragg, Young Gay Men’s Development Officer at Terrence Higgins Trust said: “ygm.org.uk is an indispensable tool for any young man dealing with his sexuality. The lack of education and information in schools means that young men are growing up without any guidance on how to live healthy and fulfilling lives. This site will enable young men to access key information effectively and safely.

“There is some fantastic youth work already happening around the country, but until now, there has been no national online resource for young gay men. With ygm.org.uk, the charity aims to do just that, both for those already accessing services and support but also for people who are more isolated or who may be just coming to terms with their sexuality.”

Will Nutland, Head of Gay Men’s Health Promotion at THT says: “Recent findings from the National Gay Men’s Sex Survey demonstrate the continued need to target and support young gay men with health and HIV prevention interventions. Men under 20 have the greatest HIV prevention need. We need to do more to support young gay men around their health at an early age if they are not to be part of the next generation being diagnosed with HIV in ten years time. “


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