Terrence Higgins Trust to hold World AIDS Day vigil in Colchester


Terrence Higgins Trust is holding a multi faith candle-lit vigil in Colchester on the 30th of November as part of its World AIDS Day activities. The vigil will be held at 7pm at the Friends Meeting House, Church Street, Colchester Town Centre.

The aim is for the whole community to come together so one representative from each religious denomination will be invited to attend the event. The vigil gives local people the opportunity to remember those affected by HIV and AIDS and in particular those who have died.

Victoria Gamble, Centre Manager for Terrence Higgins Trust in Colchester said “HIV can affect anyone so we hope this will be a multicultural event attended by people from all religious backgrounds. HIV and AIDS have been around for 25 years now and many people have lost partners, family or friends to it. Thankfully, the treatments available today mean deaths from AIDS related illnesses are now quite rare in the UK. However, this is an opportunity to remember those who have died and others across the World who may be suffering.”

World AIDS Day is on December 1st. For further information on this event, please contact Terrence Higgins Trust in Colchester on 01206 798 595.