Terrence Higgins Trust welcomes Public Health White Paper


Commenting on the White Paper on Public Health launched by the government today, Nick Partridge, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust said: “We’re pleased to finally see a real focus on sexual health from this government, but there is a huge amount to do. We know how to improve the nation’s sexual health – the basics of a good sex education, shorter waiting times in clinics and better public awareness would go a long way to reducing the epidemics we currently face. Now is the time for action at both local and national levels.”

He continued: “The report makes important recommendations about improving sexual health, but we are disappointed that no specific targets have been included for measuring sexual health and HIV services – the current poor state of many sexual health services is largely due to the lack of management attention they receive. We urge the government to ensure that adequate priority is given at both local and national levels to ensure that these recommendations are implemented in full.”

The charity is also calling for the following additional actions to help improve sexual health and HIV services in the UK:

Standards and targets for NHS bodies to ensure action on sexual health
Redesigning and modernising services in order to improve accessibility and speed of service delivery
Providing adequate financial, managerial and personnel resources to achieve this
A stronger role for the charity and community sector in designing and delivering services
A stronger focus on service implementation, both locally and nationally


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