Terrence Higgins Trust’s fundraised income increases by 20% in its 20th year


2002 proved to be a momentous year for Terrence Higgins Trust, which commemorated its 20th anniversary whilst also achieving its most successful fundraising and profile raising year ever.

The charity’s fundraising team increased fundraised income by 20% from £3.3 million in financial year 2002 to just under £4 million in financial year 2003. This was despite results from a survey conducted by the charity in July 2002 which found that whilst 70% of the public would donate to cancer charities, only 10% would consider supporting HIV. In addition to the increased income, the charity also saw a 25% increase in its print and broadcast media coverage, and achieved growth of 15% while cutting administration and management costs by 3%.

Joanna Van Driel, Executive Director of Marketing said: “I am absolutely delighted with this end of year result, which is down to the dedication and hard work of a committed team of people. We wanted to use the anniversary as an opportunity to raise the profile of HIV and also increase income. We achieved both – no small task, given the public’s apathy around HIV and AIDS.”

She continued: “Last year also saw the largest number ever of new HIV diagnoses in the UK, up by around 26% on the previous year, and the demand for our services is increasing all the time. Terrence Higgins Trust’s fundraised income increases by 20% in its 20th year

“Whilst we should rightly be delighted with our achievements, the hard work needs to continue if we are to ensure that people living with, affected by and at risk of HIV can continue to get the help and support they need.”


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