That’s The Spot


Name: Rhiannon Kemp-Davies
Business: That’s The Spot

Tell us about your business?
That’s The Spot is owned by Rhiannon Kemp-Davies. Rhiannon is still surprised to find that a lot of women still have difficulty in talking about not only sex, but about their own bodies and about masturbation.
That’s The Spot whole ethos is to encourage those of you who find this kind of talk difficult, and to enter a safe environment facilitated by Rhiannon where you can share thoughts and more importantly, learn how magic our bodies really are! You will relax very quickly and leave empowered and feeling more in control of your own body and pleasure! You can do this by attending an event that That’s The Spot is trading at, organising a sex toy soiree or a consultation.

Rhiannon specialises in advice for LGBT women and sells sex toys for LGBT women, along with holding informal strap-on workshops so that women can get past those nerves and see how it feels to wear a strap-on.

What have been your greatest successes?
My favourite part of the job is speaking with women who have been to shy to talk about sex or masturbation before. I love that feeling of having helped changed somebody’s sex life, merely through allowing them that platform to talk and discuss. I have mini successes like this all the time, and they are the best!

What has been your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?
At the time of writing this, I am coming towards the end of my first business year, and the whole year has been a challenge really! Raising awareness of my company, facing a lot of skepticism, facing rejections from companies who won’t let me advertise with them due to the nature of the business…but this is to be expected when setting a business up!

What advice would you give to other small businesses in appealing to the LGBT+ community?
Know your market and be completely clear on that!


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