The future’s bright, the future’s Queer!


The Fear of Queer is a SHOUT Festival commission, Birmingham’s first LGBT arts, culture and sports festival. The original controversial piece is a fusion of drama, monologue, physical theatre, visual arts, dance, performance poetry, song and rap from a diverse company of emerging West Midlands artists, devised and directed by Hannah Phillips. The explosive piece of theatre preaches for Queerness. Queer’s an unwillingness to affiliate with others oppressed by a dominant culture. In this way we could all stand for Queer! The new work explores challenging issues such as identity and representation, homophobia, discrimination and prejudice within the LGBT community, Lesbian invisibility, masculinity and homoeroticism.

Director Hannah Phillips says

LGBT people are still frequently the victims of hate crime and Homophobia, increased visibility often means increased vulnerability. There is still a long way to go before we eradicate homophobia and therefore performances such as The Fear of Queer are very necessary to represent, explore, challenge and question.


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