The Guild of Cornish Celebrants


Name: Nicola Le Couteur Bisson and Denise Whitehair
BusinessThe Guild of Cornish Celebrants

Tell us about your business?
Cornish Celebrants can offer a unique ceremony which will ensure that the couple’s commitment to each other takes centre stage. Follow the continental model where couples have small legal ceremony in the Town Hall followed by the celebratory ceremony at a location of their choice. A legal marriage or civil partnership has to take place in a Register Office or approved venue and be conducted by Local Authority members of staff. We can help you to navigate through the legal processes, and leave you free to concentrate on your celebratory ceremony.

Our ethos is to build a trusting relationship by collaborating fully with them. After discussing their thoughts and ideas we will write a unique, personalised and bespoke ceremony which can include ‘their story’ – how they met and their life together, an exchange of vows and rings, a hand fasting ritual, or anything else that they feel would enhance their celebration. We can also suggest readings and make changes to the ceremony right up to the big day.

It’s a joy to us to be able to work with a couple to add everything they want into their ceremony.

What have been your greatest successes?
Within the Registration Service, we were both fully involved with the excitement and development of initially the Civil Partnership and then same sex marriages. We can both claim to conduct the first two same sex marriages last year and what a joy and honour to be involved in such historic and land mark events.

What has been your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?
We love dealing with people at key stage events in their lives and as you can imagine, that brings it’s own challenges. Our previous experiences help us to overcome difficulties but we are never phased by a new problem or issue. That’s what we love and this makes our work so rewarding and satisfying!

What advice would you give to other small businesses in appealing to the LGBT+ community?
As it should be with any business dealing with a customer, offer a service where you can gain trust, confidence and respect.


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