THT launches website for gay men on using GP services


Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has launched a new section of its website today which aims to help gay and bisexual men get the most from their GP surgery. The site provides men with information on using their surgery and explains how different parts of the NHS work.

Topics on the site include choosing a GP, health records, confidentiality and using complaints procedures. The site also explains the benefits of coming out to your GP and what to do if you’re facing discrimination.

Research shows almost 44% of gay men have not disclosed their sexuality to their doctor. Poor communication about sex and sexuality with staff in GPs surgeries may mean men don’t get the healthcare or support they need.

Marc Thompson, Programme Development Manager at Terrence Higgins Trust said “It’s not always easy but coming out to your GP but it may be one of most important things you can do to keep yourself healthy. If your doctor knows about your sexuality, you can openly discuss your life, relationships and health concerns. They can also keep an eye out for any health problems relevant to you and your lifestyle.”

Another part of the site is specifically aimed at those working in GP surgeries, providing information and resources which may enable surgeries to improve the service they offer.


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