Tongue tied? Get it straight with THT’s new service Sex Facts


Sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is launching a new online advice service today. Sex Facts is a confidential, web-based question and answer service offering information about sex and sexual health.

Although Sex Facts could help anyone, the service is designed with young people aged 16-24 in mind. In the UK unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among under 25s are on the increase. The service aims to give the facts about safer sex, HIV and STIs so that young people can make informed decisions about their sex lives.


Greta Hughson, Information Officer at THT says: “Growing up and dealing with sex and relationships can seem very confusing and worrying at first. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to their parents so Sex Facts is a space where young people can ask anything they want. There’s no embarrassment or worry that someone will find out.


Greta adds:”With the UK having the worst sexual health rates in Western Europe, it’s crucial that young people can get accurate information about sex and relationships rather than relying on rumours. The service is free, easy to use and completely anonymous – all you have to do is ask.”


To use Sex Facts all a young person has to do is type their question into a page on the THT website. Rather than sending the response to an email address or a text message, which might not be secure, a random code is generated. An advisor will then post the answer to the question online within three working days. If the person sending the enquiry wants to provide us with their mobile number, we can text them to let them know that the response is ready. The person then returns to the webpage and re-enters the code to see the answer to their question. This means that only the person asking the question can get to the answer, it also means they can pick it up when it suits them.

THT can also provide information on where to find local GUM clinics, as well as counselling services, youth groups, and details of other organisations offering support.

To find out more about Sex Facts visit


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