Transgender: older than you may think


I read an interesting article today about a 5,000 year old transgender skeleton, although people are now more open about being gay, lesbian, bi or trans it is surprising to find that back in the Cooper Age it was something that was recognised and that this body was buried in accordance with the lifestyle of the person as against the genetic gender.

It was a man, but unlike all the other male bodies found in the area it was not buried in accordance with the male rituals which denotes they are buried with their heads pointing west and with their weapons. This was pointing east and had jugs, which was typical of a female burial. What are the chances that this was a mistake? Very low cultures of the time were very careful when it came to burial rituals so this could be one of the earliest transgender bodies to be found.

In some ways it is good to see that even back then a person’s sexual orientation or feeling was taken into account, but in the same breath it makes me wonder what happened. What went wrong with society for us to be in the position are in now where anyone that is not of the ‘norm’ so to speak is at risk of hate crimes, bullying and so on. We may have progressed and evolved in some ways but in other it appears we may have gone backwards.

I think this saying of mine covers it ‘So much potential, yet so little understanding’