Today in America the ban on openly gay or lesbian troops has come to and end, the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Law that was passed back in 1993 has been quashed and any investigations on gay or lesbian troops are being ceased as are any discharges. This may seem like a good thing to many but when you consider the British Amry’s stand point it shows how far behind the times the great nation of the US of A actually is.

The British Army promotes LBGT rights within its ranks and feels that in order to operation t be successful there needs to be no discrimination. After Stonewall brought action against the army back in 2000 the ban on gay troops here ended, now 11 years later the American have finally cottoned on to the fact that in order for their troops to be the best they can and allow everyone to contribute they must accept that not everyone wants an opposite sex relations.

It does make me wonder why the Americans even came up with the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Law, its just as bad as not having it. Basically it stated that can you serve your country as long as we don’t know what and who you do in the bedroom. But why should it matter? if a person wants to serve their country then surely that should be enough? Well at least they got there in the end I guess.


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