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  • My name is Mrs. Rose Murphyand I’m drag queen performer and I love to sing my shows live. My show contains the best disco hits from the 80’s, 90’s and present songs.

    I love to make music and I started writing music since I was 18 years old. The first 11 years of my carreer as a drag queen performer I lipsynced all my shows. But 3 years ago I decided to dive into the deep and continue my performances as a live singer. Two years ago I started to produce and release my single under the name Dragpalace, titled ‘Are You Ready For Me‘, which has been remixed by producer ‘Matt Pop‘. You can download it on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or find it on Spotify or Deezer. And… there is a new single coming up. Check my Twitter account (@missrosemurphy) or find me on Facebook (Dragpalace) and you won’t miss anything.
    If you like to see me performing live? Feel free to contact me.