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  • PYLGBT (Pace Yourself LGBT) – online support for LGBT youth.

    The website launched in February 2012 with the vision of providing free information to young people about coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. Since then, the website has grown and now provides young people and their families with reliable information on a number of different LGBT-related topics. These include: coming out, homophobic bullying, mental health and more.

    In 2014, the website underwent a rebranding initiative. The first logo was replaced with the current one and changes to the layout of the website were made. In addition to this, the website grew through developing several partnerships with influential charities and organisations across the United Kingdom and the USA.

    In 2015, the website launched a new project to improve its existing web content, in order to improve the quality of the information provided online. This project will take place over several month, however, it is hoped that the end result will encourage more young people and family members to view the website. In turn, this will empower even more people around these topics.