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  • We are just two guys obsessed about Madrid and Spain. We really are.  If you want to stroll through all the historic areas, we can assist you in that and if you want and we are able, we will go with you! This city NEVER gets old to us.  If you want to go solo, we can point you in all the right directions.

    We are your personal insight into Gay Madrid and all it has to offer.  Where to go , who goes where, what type of crowds do places REALLY offer.  We can help you in all aspects of your trip, from the decadent to the traditional and do it all like a local.

    We have a group of friends as diverse as Madrid itself, so if we are not in the know about something, we can find out the T (truth) in a heartbeat.

    Never feel along or confused again with Madrid as long as you have us!